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Naylor S4 Hi Spec 100 x 100mm Concrete Lintel

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Naylor S4 Hi-Spec Precast Concrete Lintel ensures optimum performance

The Naylor S4 Lintel is finished in an ex-steel mould and made from Wet Cast Concrete.

All Naylor Lintels have a concrete strength of 50 N/mm2

The S4 Complies with BS8110-2 

S4 Lintel Key Features 

  • 100mm Naylor S4 (Other Sizes Available)
  • 30 Minute Fire Rating
  • Suitable for Use below Ground
  • Marked "TOP" for Easier Installation
  • Extruded Concrete Finish
  • Different Sizes Available
  • Robust Construction
  • British Standard 

Naylor Hi-Spec Lintels: Strong, Versatile, Fire-Resistant

Naylor Hi-Spec Lintels are a type of pre-stressed concrete lintel known for their:

  • Strength: Prestressing, a process that strengthens concrete with tensioned steel tendons, allows Hi-Spec lintels to support heavier loads and achieve longer spans compared to non-prestressed lintels. This translates to lighter units for easier handling and installation.
  • Fire resistance: Hi-Spec lintels come with a standard 30-minute fire rating, making them suitable for use in buildings where fire safety is crucial.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The combination of strength, fire resistance, and ease of installation makes Hi-Spec lintels a cost-effective solution for various construction projects.
  • Versatility: They are commonly used in plastered and rendered situations, but their high strength and concrete composition also make them suitable for below-ground applications.

If you have any Questions before purchasing your Lintel, Our Technical Team is available to Help

Click here for CE Mark Certificate for Naylor S4 Hi Spec Lintel

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