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Catnic CX90/100 Extra Heavy Duty 100mm Cavity Lintel

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The Catnic CX90 100 Extra-Heavy Duty Catnic Lintel

Designed for Cavity Walls with Built-in Damp Proof. 

The Catnic CX90/100, Extra-heavy-duty catnic lintel comes with a duplex anti-corrosion finish, galvanised and powder coated to deliver lifetime resistance in coastal marine and other harsh environments.

For best results ensure the blockwork fits snugly within the web of the steel cavity lintel, and time the installation such that the supporting blockwork has had time to properly cure.

Catnic CX90 100 Extra Heavy Duty Key Features 

  • Premium Steel Lintel
  • Built-in DPC
  • dpc Integral Plaster Key
  • Thermal Performance
  • Continuous Insulation
  • Triangulated Masonry Loads
  • Suitable for Fair Face Inner Leaf Masonry
  • Supports Concrete Floors
  • Supports Roof Loads
  • Attic Truss Loads Support
  • Supports Uniformly Distributed Timber Floor
  • Optimum Durability
  • 100-115mm Inner Leaf
  • Catnic Lintels BBA approved under Agrément Certificate No. 91/2638
  • Catnic Lintels BS EN 10088-2-1.4301

Where to fit

The extra-heavy-duty steel lintel is ideal for structural openings from 750 mm, up to 4500 mm and is designed to take loads from concrete floors, roof loads, timber floors and attic trusses. It can span a cavity from 90 mm to 105 mm in depth and will require a bearing of a minimum of 150 mm at each end.

Always make sure that both inner and outer masonry leaves are raised together, and that wide openings are suitably propped to allow for mortar curing time. It is never a good idea to be in a rush when installing a lintel that has to do a lot of work.

Design matters

The Catnic extra-heavy-duty lintel comes with a continuous, insulated core to reduce the effect of cold bridging, and can be used as part of the overall assessment of Part L compliance.

A DPC is not required in most installations as the shape of the lintel provides a damp-proof course, directing moisture out of the cavity. The leading edge of the catnic lintel has a drip to aid the shedding of any water that may penetrate the window head brickwork.

Size matters

From 900 mm up to 2700 mm the Catnic Extra-heavy-duty CX90/100 lintel can take on a massive 60 kN in loading. The longest version, at 4.8 m can deal with 32 kN, which is more than double the load a standard equivalent lintel can be used for.

The SWL (safe working load) is based on the total UDL (uniform distributed load) over a maximum span with 150mm bearing at each end.

Check out the wide range of cavity lintels from Catnic, for every site situation.

Whether renovating, repairing or building new, get in touch with our lintel experts today to confirm what you require. At Wade, we can get what you want, kerbside, when you want it.


Catnic CX90/100 FAQ


 Is Delivery Included in your Price? 

Free and Express Delivery options are available

Can I Check Catnic Lintels Load Tables for this Lintel ?

You can Download the Catnic Lintel Load Tables for the Catnic CX90 here 

What is the Safe Working Load Based on? 

The Safe Working Load for this Cavity Wall Lintel is based on the Total Uniform Distributed Load over the Maximum Span using 150mm End Bearings.

Do Catnic Lintels come with a Built in Plaster Key?

The Built in Plaster Key on Catnic Lintels has Staggered Slots applied to the Inner Flange and Ribbed Underside of Insulation. 

CX AND CH Catnic Lintels have a perforated Steel Base Plate.  

Do you have information on fitting the Catnic CX90 100 ?

We have provided a Video by Catnic below, and our in house Lintel Technicians will be Happy to Help if you should have further questions. 

Do you Stock the Heavy Duty Catnic Lintel ? 

We are an Approved Distributor of Catnic Lintels. Browse our Store for Heavy Duty Catnic Lintels and Standard Duty Catnic Lintels

 What other Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Lintels do you Stock? 

The Stressline Product Range includes Steel Beams for a Uniformly distributed timber floor, uniformly distributed roof, Concrete floor


Browse Catnic Lintel Selector or Contact our Technical Team if you are unsure which Catnic Lintel you Need.

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