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Spotlight on Rockwool Insulation

With the looming Energy Crisis becoming a harsh reality here in the UK, you may be thinking about Insulation Material for your home.

Rockwool Insulation is used across the Globe and on all types of Buildings, including Commercial and Industrial Buildings and is renowned for its long term performance.

Stone Wool Insulation

Rockwool Ltd is based in South Wales and is part of the Rockwool Group.

Here in the UK, Rockwool Limited has around Five Hundred Employees working closely with the Construction Industry providing Insulation Products.

Rockwool Insulation Products are innovative with a Focus on Energy Consumption, Fire Resilience and Noise Pollution.

Focusing on Global Needs whilst reducing its own Carbon Footprint, Rockwool continues to Develop and Innovate.

Stone Wool Insulation Products is a leading technology that is changing the world of Insulation.

Made from Volcanic Rock a Natural Material which is Sustainable whilst offering Fire Protection, Thermal Performance and Acoustic Performance.

Stone Wool Insulation can be used in various applications including Industrial Buildings and Residential Buildings.

Rockwool harnesses the Strength and Abundance of Stone in its Insulation Products and is constantly striving to use Innovative Technology to improve our Buildings Fabric.

Stone Wool Insulation Strengths

  • Fire Resistance

  • Thermal Performance

  • Robust

  • Acoustic Performance

  • Aesthetic

  • Water Properties

  • Circularity

Stone Wool Benefits

  • Fire Safe to Temperatures up to 1000 Degrees

  • Thermal Insulation - Reduces Energy Bills

  • Robustness - Excellent thermal performance

  • Acoustic - Sound Insulation for Comfort and Well-being

  • Aesthetics - Improves Living and Working Spaces

  • Water Properties - Absorbs and Repels Moisture

  • Circularity - Manufactured with focus on Circular Economy

Rockwool Thermal Insulation

Climate Change and now an Energy and Cost of Living Crisis are at the forefront here in the UK.

Whilst many initiatives are already in place, the current situation is likely to Springboard changes as Home Owners, and Commercial Property Owners look to increase their Buildings Energy Efficiency.

Insulating Materials provide Thermal Bridging and retain heat and cool air temperatures in Buildings.

You can install Rockwool Thermal Insulation in Walls, Loft Space, Roof Space, Suspended Ceilings, Floors and other Spaces.

Thermal Insulation will retain heat and manage the indoor temperature, helping reduce climate change and Bills.

Rockwool Insulation is Commercially viable and can be used at the Building Construction stage or Retrofit due to its Easy Installation Methods.

Rockwool Thermal Insulation Benefits

  • Fire Resistance

  • Retain Heat

  • Sound Insulation

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Reduce Noise

  • Non-Combustible

  • Acoustic


Rockwool Insulation Slabs 

Rockwool Insulation Slabs, also referred to as Insulation Batts, are extremely popular and often used in Loft Spaces, Walls, Separating Floors and Cavity Walls.

Insulating Slabs come in Different Sizes and are a Cost-Effective Insulation Solution for all types of Building.

Rockwool Insulation Slabs are semi-rigid and can be slotted into loft spaces, Separating floors, Suspended ceilings, Roof Areas, Partition Walls and Cavity Walls.

Installing Semi Rigid Rockwool Insulation Products

Installation is relatively easy and fast whether you install Loft Insulation or Wall Insulation; we would recommend

There is never a bad time to install Insulation Products.

Whilst we often associate Insulation with the Winter Months and a method to reduce Heat Loss, Installing Insulation will mean a year-round reduction in your Building Energy Loss.

It may be time to install Rockwool Insulation Products in your Building and harness the Power of Mineral Wool Insulation and the Innovative Sustainable process of Transforming Volcanic Rock into Non-Combustible Acoustic Stone Wool Insulation.

The Long Term Benefits of Rockwool will ensure you Optimise your Building Output whilst maintaining Well-being and reducing your Buildings Carbon footprint.


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