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Acrow Props | Supporting Load Bearing Walls

You may be familiar with Acrow Props and use them on a Regular Basis, or you may be New to Acrow Props?

Let us guide you through the wonder of the Acrow Prop and how this relatively Simple piece of Kit makes Life Easier and Safer for the Building Trade.

Acrow Prop Beginnings

The Acrow Prop was invented back in 1935 by Swiss Inventor William de Vigier.

Back than Temporary Support was a timber beam that would be cut to size when working on Load Bearing Structures.

De Vigier recognised the safety issues and lack of Cost Efficiency from using a Timber Beam in this way.

The Swiss Inventor knew how reliable Steel was in the Construction Industry and went about inventing the Acrow Prop we know today being widely used over and over again in the Building Trade.

Sir Robert Mcalpine was the first to recognise how efficient De Vigier invention was and was quick to champion the Props.

All these years later, the Acrow Prop is still the go to for supporting load bearing walls, and this simple cost effective Invention is as popular as ever.


Acrow Props

When it comes to Keeping it Simple cost effective, and Reliable, the Acrow Prop has it all.

The Acrow Prop comprises an Inner and Outer Tube, a Nut and Handle and a Pin, also known as a prop pin.

Inner and Outer Tube

The Inner and Outer Tube of the Acrow Prop tends to be manufactured with Galvanised Steel and powder coated, meaning longer general wear and increased Strength.

The Thread used for adjusting your Acrow Prop tends to be friction welded in the modern version of Acrow Props for increased strength and extended general wear.

Acrow Prop Sizes

Acrow Props come in a number of sizes for different Openings from Size 0 to Size 4 Acrow Props.

A Size 0 Acro Prop will adjust to 1.8m, whilst a Size 1 will adjust to 3.1m.

Acro Props Size 2 up to 3.4m whilst Size 3 to 4m

The Size 4 Acrow Prop is manufactured to 4.9m

wade building supplies | acro prop size 1

Acrow Propping

Acrow Props are used for supporting load bearing walls.

The Prop is used for supporting structures to prevent collapse.

The mortar is removed from the Brickwork in the New Openings, and the Acrow Prop is inserted to take the weight of the wall and structure.

A load bearing member would be attached, such as a Strong Boy or Timber Needles

Whilst the Acrow Prop and Strong Boy take the spread of the load, a suitable Lintel can be installed.

Browse our full range of Lintels Here.

Acrow Props are commonly used for window repairs and beam installation.


Supporting Load Bearing Walls

You can use extra Support with your Acrow Props for Supporting Walls, including StrongBoy, Timber Needles, Forkheads.

Calculating Loads is, of course, critical, as structures can be damaged if miscalculated.

There are many things to consider when calculating load range, including the brick and block and what's above, including the load from the roof.

Remember to ensure the base where your Acrow Props are installed is supported and able to take the weight.

We would recommend discussing which Support is needed with a Structural Engineer before the correct length prop is installed in position.

Prop Safety

Safety is a priority on any Job.

Always ensure you follow British Standards and work with your Structural Engineer when planning your Project.

Once your Acrow Props are installed, ensure you check them on a regular basis to ensure they have not become loose and remain in Good Condition.










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