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2.4m Oak Sleepers 200x100mm

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Premium Untreated Oak Garden Sleepers

Transform your outdoor space with the timeless beauty and rugged durability of our Oak Sleepers. These premium landscaping elements are crafted to perfection and supplied in the versatile size of 2.4m x 200x100mm, offering endless possibilities for your garden, patio, or any landscaping project.

Key Features:

Natural Elegance: Our Oak Sleepers bring a touch of natural elegance to your outdoor environment. The rich, warm tones of oak wood add a classic and sophisticated charm to any setting.

Robust Durability: Crafted from high-quality oak, these garden sleepers, also known as Oak Railway Sleepers are built to withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and resilience. Their robust nature makes them ideal for creating durable retaining walls, raised flower beds, or landscaping structures.

Versatile Size: Supplied in the convenient size of 2.4m x 200x100mm, these oak sleepers offer versatility in design and construction. Create custom shapes and sturdy pathways, or define specific areas in your outdoor space effortlessly.

Easy to Work With: These oak sleepers' manageable size and weight make them easy to handle and work with, whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional landscaper. Achieve your landscaping vision with efficiency and precision.

Sustainable Choice: Oak is known for its sustainability and longevity. By choosing Oak Sleepers, you're enhancing your outdoor space and making an environmentally conscious decision that contributes to the longevity of your landscaping projects.


Q: How can I use Oak Sleepers in my garden?
A: Oak Sleepers are incredibly versatile. They can be used to create retaining walls, raised flower beds, steps, seating areas, or even define pathways in your garden.

Q: Are Oak Sleepers easy to install?
A: Yes, Oak Sleepers are user-friendly and easy to install. Their manageable size allows hassle-free handling, making them suitable for DIY projects or professional landscaping endeavours.

Q: How do Oak Sleepers withstand weather conditions?
A: Oak is naturally durable and resistant to weathering. The sleepers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, maintaining their beauty and structural integrity over time.

Q: Can I cut Oak Sleepers to a custom size?
A: Yes, Oak Sleepers can be easily cut to your desired size, allowing for customization based on your specific landscaping needs.

Enhance the appeal of your outdoor space with the enduring beauty and functionality of Oak Sleepers. Whether you're creating a focal point, defining spaces, or adding structural elements, these sleepers are the perfect choice for a timeless and elegant landscape.

The Sleepers are Sawn Cut with Straight Edges, meaning they are easier to Stack and Screw-in Place. 

  •  Tolerance: 5mm +/-