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Belle Cement Mixers and Wheelbarrows

At Wade, we can provide everything you need to make your construction project run smoothly. We supply the best-selling Belle cement mixers, popular due to their practical design and reliability.


Belle Minimix 150

The Belle Minimix 150 is perfect for small to medium-build jobs and can mix up a barrow load of concrete, mortar, or plaster at a time to keep your team moving. The 240v minimax is very portable, coming with its own wheeled trolley and pivot stand.

It will fit in the back of most small to medium vans and two operatives should be able to lift it in and out with ease. The main body of the mixer weighs 55kg, so it’s recommended that a lone operative should use a ramp.

The electric motor is quiet, and there are no fumes, which means it can be used in a sheltered area such as a garage or extension. However, it’s a good idea to note the position of the emergency stop button before starting work.

The electric mixer must always be run on a protected circuit, and if you need to use an extension cable, Belle recommends a maximum length of 30m (100 feet).

Replacement Drums

Cement mixers are hard-working beasts, and the drums are often the first things to go, especially when used daily. A replacement drum can be dispatched quickly to keep your job on track and minimise downtime.

These are genuine Altrad Belle replacement drums to fit Belle Minimix or Maximix concrete mixers.

Top Tip:

To ensure a long, productive life for your Belle drum, only use 1” (25mm) aggregate and water when cleaning it out at the end of the day. Half bricks (chuckle-stones) will damage the paddles and shorten the working life of your mixer drum.

Belle Wheelbarrow

After the drum on your mixer, the second hardest working tool on site has to be your wheelbarrow, taking your muck, concrete or plaster to where it needs to be. Belle has engineered a barrow designed just for this job with a non-stick HDPE plastic tray and an extra-wide, low-profile tread tyre.

But that’s just the start. The wheel has a foam-fill option too, which means that your barrow can cope with the most hostile terrain, over sand, through mud and around whatever mess other trades have dumped in your path!

Delivered fully assembled and ready to work.

Mixer and Spare Drum Selection

You could do worse than plan for any future disruption by buying a mixer and spare drum together. This way, if your drum gives up, you don’t have to go home.

The Full Kit Bundle

Whether you are starting out on your own, or simply need to upgrade to a new set of kit, consider the bundle option and make the most of your tool budget.